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With WSYH, homeowners get a dedicated conceirge who is there to manage all the affairs associated with maintaining thier home. From general home sitting to home keeping we do it all.


Our plans are 100% tailored by you and includes as little or as much support as you need.

These services include:

  • Regular Visits: Scheduled video recorded visits to client’s home/property. Our goal is to give our homeowners visual confirmation of the current state of their home/property.
  • Cleaning & Inspections: Scheduled visit to ventilate and clean home/property’s interior. Video recorded report of the before and after will be provided.
  • Gardening & Landscaping: Lawn upkeep and plant care.
  • Pool Care: Pool treatments and cleaning.
  • Motor Vehicle Care: Engine starts and oil checks.
  • Bill Payments: Errands to facilitate the payment of bills as requested by the client.
  • Property Upkeep: De-bushing and grooming of land/property to facilitate its sale.

These services include:

  • Home Prep Services
  1. Clean and ventilate your home for your arrival
  2. Stock refrigerator and cupboard with groceries of your choice.
  • Staffing Services:
  1. Temporary placement of household staff.
  2. Assistance with home improvement projects – small or large 
  3. Assist with party planning/events
  • Security Services:
  1. Installation of CCTV camera systems
  2. Installation of intrusion detection systems
  3. Personal escort services
  4. Transportation to and from the airport  

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