Concierge Services for Homes

We Sit Your Home WSYH (pronounced Wish) is an Elite Concierge Service Provider that  caters to the needs of off island, as well as in-resident home owners and or property owners. Our services are tailored to you our clients’ every need.

Meet Tanya !

A graduate of the Wolverhampton University in London with a degree in Law LLB (Hons) and over 17 years in the service industry catering to a diverse clientele of heads of governments, sports personalities, entertainers and corporate VIPS’s.

I founded WSYH on the foundation of  exceptional service delivery to every client, be it VIP, homeowners or the home itself.

My passion is service and not just service but to serve exceptionally. That coupled with my fascination with homes, attractive landscapes and seeing them maintained and preserved makes WSYH my dream job and your home concierge of choice.


100% Satisfaction

100% delivery on your requested task. We get the job done right the first time.

100% Accountability

Everything we do is documented. Whether by online forms, photos or video recordings, you are always in the loop and we’re always 100% accountable to you.

100% Attention to Details

We leave no stones unturned. Our promise is to always pay attention to the details when caring for your home or property.



This service is for the homeowner who does not want to sell or rent their home and who currently lives elsewhere. Our qualified, well trained and carefully vetted staff will see to your propert’s every need.


This service is for residents who have or plans to return home. We help to ensure that your stay in resident is as pleasant as possible by taking the hassle out of: opening up your house and/or hiring your household staff; be it chef, chauffeurs, gardeners, nannies, party planners and so much more.